17 September 2019

Authorisation to Practise is now open

As you know, Authorisation to Practise (ATP) 2017/18 opened on 16 February and closes on Friday 31 March.

Thank you to those of you who have already renewed your practising certificate. 16 February was the highest opening day response by the profession since we started this process.

As in the previous two years, the Practising Certificate Fee (PCF) is based on earnings rather than years of Call. There are six fee levels. The renewal process is simple and you can pay your practising certificate fee via Barrister Connect. Watch this video to see how to complete the Authorisation to Practise process this year, and read the frequently asked questions

Please provide your Equality and Diversity information when prompted during the online ATP process.

If you have any questions about authorisation to practise,  please visit our website or call 020 7611 1444 to speak to someone in our Records Department.