17 September 2019

BSB Workshop: CPD 2017 - Understanding the new regime

On 15 February, we held a workshop with the Bar Association for Commerce, Finance & Industry (BACFI). Our Director General Dr Vanessa Davies gave a presentation to help more than 50 barristers with the new CPD regime for Established Practitioners.

The session included a short presentation on the rule changes and guidance on how to plan CPD under the new regime.

Sally Bevan, chair of BACFI's professional issues sub-committee said: "We had very positive feedback from members about this event. It also attracted a lot of non-members of BACFI and we all found it very useful. As Vanessa said it will take us all a while to get used to the new regime but this presentation and the very helpful materials provided have started us thinking".

If your Bar Association would like to work with us to hold similar events, please email contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk .