22 September 2019

BSB publishes its Annual Report for 2017-18

Last month we published our latest Annual Report summarising our achievements during the 2017-18 business year.

Highlights of our work during the second year of our current three-year Strategic Plan included:

  • continuing with our Future Bar Training (FBT) programme, including consulting on the rules governing pupillage and the role of the Inns of Court in the training and qualification of barristers;
  • responding to the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA's) recommendations, including consulting on proposals to introduce new transparency standards for the Bar so consumers can make more informed decisions about barristers' services;
  • deciding to change the standard of proof applied in professional misconduct proceedings from the criminal to the civil standard to bring our disciplinary arrangements in line with most other professions;
  • beginning to implement a new regulatory approach for barristers working in the Youth Courts, so that the BSB can work closely with them to help improve advocacy standards for young people; and
  • publishing new guidance for the public and for professionals on immigration and asylum related legal issues to help people to navigate the legal system more easily.

The report also describes the day-to-day tasks we undertake when regulating barristers and specialised legal businesses in England and Wales in the public interest. This work includes supervising barristers' chambers, assessing complaints about barristers' professional conduct, complying with statutory equality and diversity responsibilities, and a range of tasks associated with overseeing the qualification of new barristers.

We also published a separate document alongside our Annual Report containing the Cost Transparency Metrics for 2017-18  specified by the Legal Services Board.