21 September 2019

Blog: Monthly message from our Chair, Baroness Blackstone

This edition contains a number of important regulatory announcements

First, we have issued a final Policy Statement about future Bar training. This reiterates our view that we consider pupillage and other forms of work-based learning to be a vital component of training for the Bar. The Statement also sets out our decisions about the duration of pupillage, minimum pupillage awards and pupillage supervision.

The same Statement also announces some important decisions about the Authorisation Framework that we will use to determine whether proposals from training providers - including pupillage providers - are fit for purpose and comply with our four fundamental principles of accessibility, affordability, flexibility and sustaining high standards; and a new Curriculum and Assessment Strategy which will introduce some important changes to the way in which prospective barristers are taught and assessed.

You can read more in the article below. 

Secondly, we recently announced what we hope to do in collaboration with the Bar Council and the profession to make further progress in eliminating the discrimination, harassment and other unfair treatment of female barristers. This includes reviewing our approach to supervision and enforcement to take account of equality and diversity best practice, and measuring the overall effectiveness of the Equality Rules in the BSB Handbook.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our new guidance designed to help you follow good practice in collecting and receiving feedback provided by your clients. This guidance is something that we were asked to produce by the Competition and Markets Authority as one of the recommendations in its 2016 report, and has been introduced with input from the Bar Council and others.

I hope you will find this Update useful.

Tessa Blackstone