17 September 2019

Reminder: share your views on modernising regulatory decision-making

We continue to seek your views on the final phase of our Governance Reform. We propose to change how we deal with the information we receive and to revise our decision-making structures in relation to professional conduct issues.  

In our consultation paper, we propose establishing a new Independent Decision-Making Body (IDB) consisting of a pool of 30 lay and barrister members from which panels of three or more will be nominated to take individual regulatory decisions. Under the plan, the IDB will replace our Professional Conduct Committee.

The IDB would also take over the role of the current Authorisations Review Panels in dealing with challenges to staff decisions on individual applications for authorisation and waivers from Handbook requirements.

Last month we held a consultation event which was helpful in shaping our plans. Please do respond to the consultation before 31 May.