17 September 2019

Blog: Monthly message from our Chair, Baroness Blackstone

What do you think the BSB's priorities should be for the next three years?

On 22 October, we published a consultation seeking views on our strategic priorities and aims for the next three-year period starting in April 2019. Our proposed aims are supported by updated analysis of the key risks that might hinder the achievement of our regulatory objectives. What do you think the impact of technology will be on access to justice and the quality of advocacy for example?  Or courts reform?  Or the continuing pressure on the level and availability of legal aid?  We are holding a consultation event in London on 6 December which you are welcome to attend. You will find more details on our website. The consultation is open until 10 December and we would very much like to hear your thoughts.

Following our thorough review over the past few years, at our last Board meeting on 25 October, we agreed a revised set of rules to govern the process by which prospective barristers will train and qualify in England and Wales. Subject to Legal Services Board approval, the new rules will come into force in early 2019. You can read more about this here or at one of our roadshow consultation events. And if your chambers offers pupillage there is some important information about applying to continue to provide pupillages in future, which you can find on our website.