24 August 2019

New BSB Strategic Plan sets out regulatory priorities

In March, we published our Strategic Plan for 2019-22, our Business Plan for 2019-20, and our latest Risk Outlook on the market for barristers' services.

The 2019-22 Strategic Plan follows a period which saw us introduce a number of new policy initiatives such as reforms to the rules governing Bar training, to disciplinary and enforcement processes, and new transparency rules in response to the report of the Competition and Markets Authority. As a result, our priority for the next three years will be to ensure that those reforms are successfully implemented and evaluated.

This is reflected in our three strategic aims for 2019-22 which are:

  • delivering risk-based, targeted and effective regulation;
  • encouraging an independent, strong, diverse and effective legal profession; and
  • advancing access to justice in a changing market.

These strategic aims derive from the priority risk themes which we have identified within the market for barristers' services in our 2019 Risk Outlook. These are:

  • working cultures and professional environment inhibit an independent,

strong, diverse and effective profession;

  • innovation and disruption in the legal services market offer threats and

opportunities for the profession and for the public; and

  • affordability and lack of legal knowledge threaten access to justice.

The Risk Outlook provides the evidence for why we believe these risk themes are so significant, and why we are focusing our regulatory attention on them in the period ahead.

The 2019-20 Business Plan sets out in more detail our plans during the first year of the new strategic period.