22 September 2019

Blog: Monthly message from our Chair Baroness Blackstone

Earlier this month, important new requirements on pupillage came into force as a result of the introduction of the new Bar Qualification Rules in April. The recent changes include the need to start using the Professional Statement for assessing the competence of pupils and an increase in the minimum pupillage awards to £18,436 per annum in London and £15,728 per annum outside London for all pupillages starting on or after 1 September. Our online version of this month's Regulatory Update contains an important reminder for pupils, pupil supervisors and pupillage providers. You can read it online.

We also recently announced the appointment of the members of our new Independent Decision-Making Body (IDB) which will come into force on 15 October. The IDB will be a new non-executive body responsible for taking all regulatory decisions that require independent input. It will be made up of a pool of barristers and lay members. Establishing the IDB is the final component of our programme to modernise our regulatory decision making. You can read more about the recent appointments online.

Finally, we published a new version of the BSB Handbook. It contains new rules that remove restrictions on the reporting by the profession of sexual orientation, religion and belief data. It means these data will now be treated in the same way as other diversity characteristics. You can read more about the new rules, which were the subject of a consultation last year, here on our website