22 September 2019

Reminder for pupils, pupil supervisors and pupillage providers

Following the introduction of the new Bar Qualification rules in April, we remind chambers and other organisations that train pupils of the following:

  • Pupillages starting on or after 1 September 2019 must be funded in line with our revised minimum pupillage awards of £18,436 per annum for pupillages in London and £15,728 per annum for pupillages outside London.


  • Organisations should now be adapting their training programme and documentation ready for implementation of the Professional Statement for assessing the competence of pupils starting from 1 September 2019.


  • The rules about training and registering supervisors have changed.


  • Existing and prospective pupillage providers should familiarise themselves with the transitional arrangements regarding the authorisation of AETOs.


For full information, including more on Pupillage funding, Using the Professional Statement to assess competence in pupillage and Guidance for Pupil Supervisors, see: /qualifying-as-a-barrister/future-requirements/.

You may also find it useful to watch a short film about these changes featuring Julia Witting our Head of Supervision.