22 September 2019

BSB Handbook Explained – New guidance for barristers supervising immigration advisers

Are you currently acting as a supervisor for the purposes of immigration advice and services, or thinking about doing so? If so, we have recently issued new guidance to help you. 

While it was previously prohibited, since the introduction of the new Handbook in January 2014, barristers have been permitted to act as supervisors for immigration advisers.      

The new guidance sets out what we expect from barristers acting in this capacity, and covers a barrister's obligations to the lay client and under the Handbook when acting as a supervisor.

The new guidance can be found on our website.

The latest version of the BSB Handbook is published on our website. We update this from time to time so if you have added the link as a favourite or republished it elsewhere, please link to the Handbook landing page as above rather than the pdf attachment to ensure that you are always referencing the most current version.