21 September 2019

Extract from our PCD six-monthly performance report

The Enforcement Interim Report 2014/15 provides an overview of the work of the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) and Professional Conduct Department (PCD) for the first six months of 2014/15.

In the first six months of 2014/15, we opened 235 new complaints: 160 from sources external to the BSB and 75 internal complaints. We completed 132 risk assessments where we had identified some evidence of a breach of the Handbook that appeared to have an adverse effect on the outcomes in the Handbook - rating 36% of cases as high risk.

There were 37 new referrals to disciplinary action, including 32 cases referred to Disciplinary Tribunals. Disciplinary Tribunal hearings in the six month period led to five barristers being disbarred and two suspended.

We concluded or referred to disciplinary action 79.6% of cases within our service standards. Our target for the year is set at 80% - increased from 75% following the performance of the PCD in 2013/14.


Risk Assessments Graph