21 August 2019

Publicising disciplinary outcomes

There are a range of disciplinary sanctions which can be imposed on a barrister found to have breached the core duties or rules within the BSB Handbook. These sanctions, which are imposed by an independent tribunal arranged by The Bar Tribunal Adjudications Service (BTAS) include fines, sanctions, suspensions and disbarments. Any disciplinary sanction imposed is published on both the BSB and BTAS websites following the hearing and members of the public can search for disciplinary findings against individual barrister's names. All findings will be removed from the website after two years, unless the finding of the Disciplinary Tribunal involves a suspension or disbarment. In these cases, the finding will be posted on the website indefinitely. 

In order to ensure the protection of the public, we also issue public statements in all cases where a barrister has been found guilty of professional misconduct that resulted in the Tribunal ordering that the barrister be disbarred. From 1 September 2015, we will also be issuing public statements in cases where a Tribunal has imposed a period of suspension from practise, in addition, we will also be publishing information about disbarments and suspensions within the BSB pages in Counsel Magazine.