23 September 2019

Future Bar Training Update – Two important consultations underway

Our Future Bar Training programme sets out our vision for reforming legal education and training for the next generation of barristers.

We are running two important consultations and we would like to find out what you think:



Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Wednesday 2 September 2015

The Professional Statement

Wednesday 24 June 2015

We are  consulting on plans to create a Professional Statement reflecting the knowledge, skills and attributes a barrister should be able to demonstrate when issued with a full practising certificate. You may have read about it in our recent press release

A central tenet of our  Future Bar Training programme, the Professional Statement would apply to all areas of practice.

The Professional Statement covers four elements:

  • a barrister's technical legal characteristics;
    • a barrister's personal values and standards;
    • a barrister's management of practice;
    • a barrister's ability to work with others.

The Professional Statement will be an invaluable point of reference for anyone designing training. 

We hope you will read, share and respond to our proposal.  Please send your responses to futurebartraining@barstandardsboard.org.uk by Wednesday 24 June 2015.

Look out for another  Future Bar Training consultation later this summer. You will discover our ideas for the future of the academic stage, the Bar Professional Training Course and pupillage stages of training


We would like your views on our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) consultation paper.

We propose to replace the Established Practitioner Programme (EPP), part of the CPD scheme. Currently, if you are on the EPP you must complete 12 hours of CPD every year; of these, the BSB should accredit four.

In our proposed new CPD scheme, you will be:

  • free to chart your own learning and development;
  • free to determine the type, scope, and volume of CPD you should carry out as it relates to your areas of practice.

Please   visit our website to read the consultation paper. The deadline for responses is 2 September 2015.