21 September 2019

Future Bar Training update

We recently published a new pamphlet, which outlined in greater detail our vision for reforming legal education and training as part of our Future Bar Training programme. The key idea animating this pamphlet is that of establishing a Professional Statement that clearly sets out what a barrister needs to be able to do from "day one" in practice.  You may have read about it in our recent press release.

We hope that by clearly describing the knowledge, skills and attributes all barristers should have when being issued a full practising certificate, we can put in place measures which facilitate routes to qualification that are more flexible, creative and affordable.

But we cannot do this alone. We are currently consulting on plans to create a Professional Statement and we would appreciate your help. Please take a look, get involved, and share your experience and expertise. 

This is just the beginning. One we have a defined destination we can then see how we can help carve out new routes to the Bar.

So, in summer we will consult on our ideas for the future of all three phases of training: the academic stage, the BPTC, and pupillage. With your insight and ideas we can together make sure that legal education and training is fit for future generations.