23 September 2019

Publication of the Professional Statement

We have published a Professional Statement which describes the knowledge, skills and attributes that a newly qualified barrister should have when issued with a Full Practising Certificate.

The Statement provides a high level indication of the characteristics needed to be a barrister. More detailed "threshold standards" will be developed based on the statement and will be consulted on in early 2016.

Using a Professional Statement to define what a newly authorised barrister should be able to do from 'day one' of practice - the point of being issued a full practising certificate - could be the key to making qualification routes to the Bar more flexible and innovative.

The Professional Statement is an essential part of our Future Bar Training programme which was launched in 2014.  The Statement applies to all areas of practice and comprises four elements:

  • barristers' distinctive characteristics;
  • personal values and standards;
  • working with others; and
  • management of practice. 

We hope the Statement will allow for more freedom in the ways in which formal Bar training and pupillage are delivered. 

The Statement has been developed following comprehensive and active consultation with members of the Bar, consumer panels and other interested parties.

You can read the Professional Statement on our website.