17 September 2019

Risks to the public interest and rule of law: how you can help us

As outlined in Sir Andrew's speech on 5 October, as part of our new approach we are focusing on three key areas where we have identified not just straightforward compliance risks, but possible problems in our market. We are working to understand what can be done in these areas to improve access to justice and better support the rule of law.

Our themes are:

  • Meeting consumer needs

The legal market is complex to navigate, and funding is squeezed: many struggle to find a suitable advisor or representative to meet their particular needs. How can the Bar be an effective part of the solution, and be catering for the needs of those consumers who may be in particularly vulnerable circumstances? Do you have examples of good practice to share? Get in touch.

  • Promoting diversity and anti-discriminatory cultural practices

We want to better understand the true scale of issues faced by different groups within the profession and amongst consumers. Get in touch if you have insights to share. We are looking at tangible ways the profession can take action. Also look out for more on communicating effectively across cultural boundaries.

  • Responding to economic pressures on providers

How are funding changes and commercial strain impacting your practice? These are difficult times for many and we are looking to understand more about how, why, and when practitioners are responding. We will be putting out a call for barristers from a range of practice areas and locations around the country to speak to us to feed into development of our Risk Outlook 2016. Please do let us know if you would like to share your experience to help us build a rounded picture of the issues, via contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk

You can contact our Risk team at: contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk

For more information, visit our website.