15 September 2019

Regulators issue consultation on minor changes to QASA

Together with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and CILEx Regulation, we have prepared for the implementation of the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) by launching a new consultation on 1 October.

This consultation seeks input on minor changes to QASA. It is the first phase of the implementation of the Scheme following the decision by the Supreme Court in June that the Scheme is lawful.

We are aware of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) consultation paper on a package of proposals to maintain standards of criminal advocacy. Maintaining standards is a core regulatory responsibility and we welcome the focus that the MOJ is giving to this issue. It is critical that we ensure that QASA is ready to be implemented in order to complement any panel scheme that the Legal Aid Agency or other agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service may need to operate from the perspective of purchasers of legal services. This consultation is a key part to getting QASA ready for immediate implementation.

You can read the full QASA consultation document online. We invite responses by 24 December.