21 September 2019

BPTC Handbook 2015/16 published

We have published the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) Handbook for 2015/16 on our website. The Handbook provides course specification requirements including content and curriculum, regulations, the framework for the assurance, maintenance and enhancement of BPTC standards through specified quality assurance procedures, and guidance for 2015/16. The BSB sets training and assessment requirements to ensure that those who are awarded the title of barrister and authorised to practise have demonstrated the necessary professional competence to be admitted to the Bar of England and Wales. The Handbook is the official reference document for the BPTC, which must be adhered to by all BPTC Providers.

This Handbook is revised and updated periodically in order to ensure currency, and to provide additional guidance and clarification as necessary.  Indicative booklists, for example, are also updated from time to time. The 2015/16 edition contains completely refreshed Civil and Criminal Litigation syllabi. The most up-to-date version of the BPTC Handbook is always that which is located on our website.